Meet the @Sandton Spa Team: Khethiwe Mbatha

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Meet Khethiwe Mbatha, a 30-year-old qualified beauty therapist who specializes in nail technology, massage therapy, and eyelash technology. She has been in the industry for seven years and has a deep passion for beauty and cosmetics. Her motto is “I am conquering my fears and becoming stronger each day.”

Working at @Sandton Spa, Khethiwe and her team pride themselves on giving their clients exclusive services that are efficient and convenient for them. They understand that time is precious and strive to offer services at the most suitable time for their clients.

Khethiwe loves helping people look good and feel even better. Her favorite product range is Matsimela as the results are incredible according to Khethiwe and her clients always leave happy and satisfied with their results. 

Unfortunately, some clients think massages are a waste of time and money. Khethiwe assures them that regular massages are an investment in one’s mental and physical state which will only have a positive effect on their future selves.

To keep up with the latest trends, Khethiwe uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to stay updated on the latest beauty and cosmetic trends. 

One of her most rewarding experiences was with a client who suffered from stiff and aching joints. Khethiwe introduced this client to regular massages and muscle ease gel, and now her client is doing much better in their day-to-day life and can walk long distances with ease.

Khethiwe believes that when entering the beauty industry, it is essential to do so with love and passion rather than just for the money. Her goal is to further her studies in beauty and open her own spa.

In conclusion, Khethiwe is a dedicated and passionate beauty therapist who has a genuine desire to help people feel good about themselves. She believes that there is more to the beauty industry than money, but should include genuine interest and passion for beauty and that is what drives her to show up as her best self in her field.

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